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kindergarten math worksheets

kindergarten math worksheets in printable PDF format. It features all math topics covered in kindergarten and contains well illustrated math worksheets with graphics that appeal to kids. If you are a teacher or homeschool parent, this is the right stop to get an abundant number worksheets for homework, tests or simply to supplement kindergarten math activities. Worksheets here are arranged according to kindergarten math topics and clicking on each topic enables you unlock a wealth of printable material. 

Addition worksheets

Kindergarten addition worksheets

  • Addition with pictures
  • Addition of dots
  • Addition up to 10
  • Addition to 1
  • Addition of daily objects

Classification worksheets

Kindergarten classification of objects worksheets

  • Classification of objects by size
  • Classification of objects by shape
  • Identify odd object
  • Sort out similar shapes
  • Classify similarity by color

Comparing and Sorting PDFs

Kindergarten math worksheets - comparing and sorting

  • Comparing height
  • Comparing weight
  • Comparing pictures
  • Comparing numbers
  • Comparing more / less

Count Tally Marks PDFs

Kindergarten math worksheets on counting tally marks

  • Count tally marks to 3
  • Count tally marks to 5
  • Count tally marks to 10
  • Count tally marks to 20
  • Count tally marks to 30

Fraction worksheets

Kindergarten worksheets on fractions

  • Fraction of circles
  • Fraction of objects
  • Fraction of dots
  • Fraction of fruits
  • Halves, thirds, fourths etc

Graph worksheets

Kindergarten worksheets on graphs and data. PDF printables

  • Identify and represent data
  • Linear graphs
  • Plotting graphs
  • field data vs graphs
  • Bar graphs

Math Vocabulary PDFs

Kindergarten math vocabulary worksheets

  • Mathematical signs
  • Addition sign
  • Subtraction signs
  • Notion of product
  • Notion of sum etc

Measurement PDFs

Kindergarten metric systems and measurement instruments worksheets

  • Thermometer readings
  • Speedometer readings
  • Measure lengths
  • Measure heights of objects
  • Measure trees etc

Money worksheets

Kindergarten worksheets on money: dime, nickle, penny etc

  • Identify coins USD
  • Identify coins CAD
  • Identify coins UK pounds
  • Identify coins Euros
  • Dime, Penny, Nickle etc

Numbers 1 to 100 PDFs

Kindergarten math worksheets on learning counting numbers 1 to 100

  • Numbers 1 to 10
  • Numbers up to 20
  • Numbers up to 30
  • Numbers up to 50
  • Numbers up to 100

Numbers and Counting PDFs

Kindergarten worksheets on number lines

  • Number lines 1 to 10
  • Number lines 10 to 20
  • Number lines 20 to 30
  • Number lines 30 to 40
  • Number lines up to 100

Patterns worksheets

Kindergarten math worksheets on patterns

  • Similar patterns
  • Pattern with illustrations
  • Growing patterns
  • Completing patterns
  • Matching patterns

Positions - worksheets

Kindergarten math worksheets on positions and spatial sense

  • Locate – left or right
  • Locate left, right, middle
  • Locate top bottom, middle
  • Positions in 3 by 3 grid
  • Positions inside , outside

Probability worksheets

Kindergarten math probability worksheets

  • Spin the wheel probability
  • Likely or unlikely
  • Least likely to happen
  • Learn the odds
  • Aiming spree

Shapes - worksheets

Kindergarten math worksheets on shapes and geometry

  • Identify shapes
  • Trace shapes
  • Circle, squares
  • Cube, cone
  • Daily life object shapes

Size worksheets

Kindergarten math worksheets on size, capacity, lengths etc

  • Long or short
  • Heavy or light
  • Tall or short
  • Capacity to contain more /less
  • Compare daily life objects

Skip counting worksheets

Kindergarten math worksheets on skip - counting in twos, threes, fives etc

  • Counting in twos
  • Counting in threes
  • Counting in fours
  • Counting in fives
  • Counting with pictures etc

Subtraction worksheets

Kindergarten subtraction worksheets

  • Subtraction of apples
  • Subtraction with picture aids
  • Subtraction of 1 place numbers
  • Subtraction of doubles
  • Subtraction quick facts

Time worksheets


  • Telling time on clocks
  • Draw hour hand
  • Draw minute hand
  • Days of the week
  • Time quick facts