preschool math worksheets

Preschool math worksheets

Preschool math worksheets for children who little or no notion of math. This page contains links to math topics which also link to pages with loads of colorful pdf printable math worksheets for pre-kindergarten. Each worksheet is carefully crafted with the best graphics and colors which appeal to young learners. Pre-k math activities covered here include : Counting and coloring numbers, shapes and geometry, comparing objects, counting tally marks, patterns, positions /spatial sense and more to discover. 

Classify objects worksheets

Classification of objects worksheets for pre-kindergarten

  • Classification of objects by size
  • Classification of objects by shape
  • Identify odd object
  • Sort out similar shapes
  • Classify similarity by color

Comparing worksheets

Comparison worksheets for pre-kindergarten children

  • Comparing height
  • Comparing weight
  • Comparing pictures
  • Comparing numbers
  • Comparing more / less

Count Tally Marks PDFs

count tally marks kindergarten worksheets

  • Count tally marks to 3
  • Count tally marks to 5
  • Count tally marks to 10
  • Count tally marks to 20
  • Count tally marks to 30

Number and Counting PDFs

number and counting worksheets for pre-kindergarten

  • Numbers up to 10
  • Numbers up to 20
  • Numbers up to 30
  • Numbers up to 50
  • Numbers up to 100

Patterns worksheets

Math patterns worksheets for preschool

  • Similar patterns
  • Pattern with illustrations
  • Growing patterns
  • Completing patterns
  • Matching patterns

Positions worksheets

Math worksheets for pre-k on spatial sense or positions

  • Locate - left or right
  • Locate left, right, middle
  • Locate top bottom, middle
  • Positions in 3 by 3 grid
  • Positions inside , outside

Shapes worksheets

Shapes and geometry worksheets for pre-kindergarten

  • Identify shapes
  • Trace shapes
  • Circle, squares
  • Cube, cone
  • Daily life object shapes

Sizes worksheets

Size and dimensions worksheets for preschool children

  • Long or short
  • Heavy or light
  • Tall or short
  • Capacity to contain more /less
  • Compare daily life objects