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MathFox - Math Problems For Kids - Pre-k, kindergarten to 7th grade

Math fox is the best hub for kids who love math or who struggle with it. It features loads of math fun games, math worksheets for kids, math game ideas for classrooms and more. Mathematics is a core subject and we think it is important to get kids loving it at an early age. That is why at mathfox, we provide varied math content which suit the needs of all kinds of learners as follows: math worksheets, math board games, math card games, math tests, math quizzes, math puzzles, math PowerPoint classroom games and more. Math activities have been carefully arranged by type and levels for kids as follows: preschool | kindergarten | 1st grade | 2nd grade | 3rd grade | 4th grade | 5th grade | 6th grade | and 7th grade.

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Our resources are arranged by level and in each level, there is an endless collection of resources you can choose from. Our latest release is a collection of math ebook downloads covering different topics and grades. In each, there are thousands of math problems arranged as individual test papers with each sheet having at attached answer key.

This website can be used entirely online on mobile or on PC. However, for a better user experience, we advise users to use a computer. The following resources are available for members:

Math Videos: We have a massive collection of short videos arranged by grades. Each video focuses on a specific math skill, enabling learners to easily grasp math skills that constitute major building blocks on the subject.

Math Worksheets: Each grade contains a collection of math printable tests with answer keys attached. Parents and teachers will find this useful for homework and/or classroom activities.

Math Quizzes: Our collection of math quizzes are interactive online tests that provide instant feedback as students take a test. Each quiz covers a specific math topic; hence users can test their level of understanding on the go. These quizzes will work on mobile and PC.

Math Board Games: Board games are fun; we have blended the fun of playing a board game with math problems in unique game concepts that are appealing to students across the world. Featuring are crocodile, pirate, missing sheep, dragon and more board games. Students play while answering questions. 

Math Flashcards: Flashcards are a great tool for learning. Our cards cover different topics and each one can serve as a tool for playing classroom games. Parents can also use these flashcards to interact with their children at home.