preschool mathPreschool math activities for children. This page features loads of math resources for preschoolers like pre-k math worksheets, math fun games, card games, board games, PowerPoint games, and more coming up soon. These resources are arranged according to preschool math topics like : Counting and coloring numbers, shapes and geometry, comparing objects, counting tally marks, patterns, positions /spatial sense and more. Click on any category below.


Pre-K Worksheets

  • Counting - PDFs
  • Comparing - PDFs
  • Tally marks - PDFs
  • Spatial sense - PDFs
  • Numbers - PDFs etc  

Fun Games

Pre-K Math Games

  • Counting rally game
  • Comparing catapult game
  • Tally marks - moon shoot
  • Spatial sense - pirate
  • Numbers etc

Card Games

Pre-k math card games

  • Counting cards
  • Comparing cards
  • Tally marks cards
  • Spatial sense card
  • Number cards etc

Board Games

Pre-K Math Board Games

  • Counting board game
  • Comparing board game
  • Tally marks board game
  • Spatial sense board game
  • Numbers board game etc

PowerPoint games

Pre-K PowerPoints

  • Shapes - PPT
  • Geometry - PPT
  • Rectangle - PPT
  • Circle - PPT
  • Square, cube , etc - PPT


Pre-K PowerPoints

  • Counting tests
  • Comparing tests
  • Tally marks tests
  • Spatial sense tests
  • Numbers and more

Fun Board Games

Fun board games Pre-K

  • Counting tests
  • Comparing tests
  • Tally marks tests
  • Spatial sense tests
  • Numbers & more fun board games


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