Addition and subtraction 5th grade spin the wheel game

Addition and subtraction spin the wheel game
Addition and subtraction for 5th grade pin the wheel game, add 5 digit numbers, addition word problems, add and subtract, mixed operations, subtraction word problems and more.

Addition of large numbers catapult game

Addition catapult game
Addition of large numbers like 5 and 6 digit numbers, addition word problems, add and carry, adding without regrouping, catapult game for 5th grade children.

5th grade addition crocodile board game

Addition crocodile board game
Addition game with large numbers, add three and two place numbers, add and get use to solving word problems, crocodile board game for 5th grade children.

Addition of three numbers moonshot group game

Addition of 3 numbers moonshoot classroom game
Addition of 3 numbers e.g. 23 + 44 + 78, add and carry numbers, moonshot game for classroom groups, practice and gain more for fifth grade math skills.

Addition of large numbers pirate board game

Addition pirate board game
Practice 5th grade addition with this pirate board game, add two numbers, add and carry across places, add without regrouping etc.

Algebra for 5th grade, moonshot game

Algebra moonshoot game
Practice algebra and pre -algebra, algebraic expressions, finding unknown variables, make unknown subject of the formula in expressions, find 'x' in equations etc moonshot game for 5th grade children.

Decimals in 5th grade, crocodile math board game

Decimal crocodile board game
Decimals, convert fractions to decimals, round up decimals, multiply, subtract and add decimals,  understand decimals at fifth grade etc.

5th grade decimals pirate board game

Decimals pirate board game
Decimals, convert fractions to decimals, add numbers with decimals, estimate and round up decimals, multiple a decimal with a multiple of ten etc Pirate math board game for grade 5 children.

Decimals spin the wheel challenge

Decimals spin the wheel game
Solving exercises with decimals, add, subtract, multiply and divide with decimals,  round up decimals, convert decimals, multiply decimals with multiples of ten, etc

Fraction exercises, math crocodile board game

Fractions crocodile board game
Fractions of numbers, fractions applied to groups of items, fractions of money, fractions addition with common and uncommon denominators etc

5th grade fractions, math pirate board game

Fractions pirate board game
Practice math while playing this fractions pirate board game for 5th graders, self -test your skills on adding fractions, multiply two fractions, simplifying fractions to the lowest terms etc.

Integers and numbers spin the wheel math game

Integers spin the wheel game
Integers, understanding integers, adding and subtracting integers, mixed operations with integers, pre - algebra exercises with integers,  spin the wheel game for 5th grade children.

Coordinate location in x and y axis, math catapult game

Location in xy axis catapult game
Practice coordinate graphs, location of points in (x,y) axis, find objects using a coordinate grid etc. Math catapult game for teams and individual students wishing to self - test their skills.

Lowest common multiple (LCM) math volley pirate game

Lowest common multiple volley pirate classroom game
Find the lowest common multiple (LCM) of two numbers, learn how to find multiples of numbers, use these skills in adding fractions. volley pirate game for two teams or for individual testing of skills on numbers in 5th grade.

Metric system & measurements moonshot math game

Metric system moonshoot game
Metric system, converting between units of measurement, cm to mm, inches to feet, learn instruments of measurements, for 5th grade math.

Money shopping moonshot math game

Money shopping moonshoot game
Money and shopping for items math game, learn to buy and get a balance, learn about sales in US dollars, moonshot group and individual game for 5th graders to test skills on money.

Multiplication math pirate game

Multiplication pirate game
Multiplying big numbers math pirate game for 5th graders, practice multiplying 3 digit numbers by 2 or three digit numbers, get use to multiply in word problems at 5th grade,

5th grade multiplication volley pirate team game

Multiplication volley pirate classroom game
Multiplication of numbers e.g. two by two digit numbers, multiplication quick facts, multiplying multiples of five and ten etc. Math problems on multiplication for 5th graders to improve their math skills.

Number theory math rally game

Number theory rally classroom game
Number theory, even and odd numbers, prime numbers, Roman and Arabic numerals, number sequences, ordering numbers, classifying numbers, prime numbers etc. 5th grade math game on number related concepts.

Numbers math pirate game

Numbers pirate game
Learning about numbers in grade 5, place value with large numbers, rounding up numbers, integers, comparing numbers, scientific notation, spelling numbers in word etc

Number patterns math rally game

Patterns rally game
Patterns in 5th grade math, number patterns, arithmetic and geometric progressions, finding the next number in the sequence, finding  the next term etc

Pythagorean theorem math game

Pythagorean theorem catapult classroom game
Learn about the Pythagorean Theorem, using the height and base to find the hypotenuse, finding the missing side in right angle triangles,  catapult classroom game for 5th grade children.

Pythagorean theorem math rally game

Pythagorean theorem rally game
Pythagorean theorem (half the base times the height OR base times height divided by two, learn finding the missing or unknown side in right angle triangles etc

Arabic & Roman numerals crocodile math board game

Roman numerals crocodile board game
Arabic vs Roman numerals game, practice math skills on converting between both numerals with numbers above 1000, understand the roles of converting between Arabic and Roman numerals before playing this game.

Roman numerals pirate math board game

Roman numerals pirate board game
Practice numbers while playing this Roman numerals math pirate board game, learn to convert large and big numbers in Roman and Arabic numerals for 5th grade children.

Scientific notation vs standard form catapult math game

Scientific notation and standard form catapult game
Scientific notation and standard form, learn to represent large numbers with a math expression that shortens them, also learn to convert back to the regular form or standard for of the numbers. Improve 5th grade skills on numbers.

Shopping lists and money problems rally classroom game

Shopping lists and money problems rally classroom game
Shopping lists and money problems, learn buying in a shop and getting a balance, apply money issues to daily life, etc rally classroom game for 5th grade children.

Standard form of numbers, catapult classroom math game

Standard forms catapult classroom game
Standard and expanded forms of numbers, catapult classroom game for 5th graders to improve their skills on numbers.

Whole numbers spin the wheel math game

Whole numbers spin the wheel game
Whole numbers spin the wheel math game for 5th graders, learn even and odd numbers, prime numbers, place values, etc.

5th Grade Math - Fifth graders at this level are expected to learn key topics in math as well as review much of what was studied in the previous grade. Some math topics covered include: place values and number sense (scientific notations, even and odd numbers, ordering integers, Roman numerals etc), addition ( with emphasis on word problems, larger numbers and addition with regrouping), subtraction (of larger numbers and word problems), division (long division, division with remainders etc), fractions (adding, subtracting, ordering fractions as well as word problems etc), money (unit costs, shopping involving a balance, adding and subtracting coins etc), algebra (simplifying expressions, finding unknown values, making the subject of the formula etc), coordinate graphs (plotting points in XY axis, finding location of objects etc), ratios and percentages, consumer math and more. 5th grade math is a core transition to harder math problems. At MathFox, we understand the challenges children face, hence decided to offer a multitude of interactive fun math games which suit different needs. Our variety of games can be used at home (by homeschooling parents) and in school (by teachers in classrooms). We simply spoil you with variety; featuring games are: rally, moonshot, snakes and ladders, shape puzzles, walk the plank, basketball, duel game, spin the wheel, billionaire game and more. Have fun !