Pre-K  Math Board Games

Pre-K Math Board Games to practice pre-kindergarten math skills on topics like : Counting, numbers, classification of objects, positions or spatial sense, telling time on clocks, geometry and shapes, introduction to addition, introduction to subtraction and more. Math board games are suitable tools for parents of homeschoolers and teachers of preschoolers since they engage all kids in a classroom and add fun to lessons without taking out the learning aspect of it.

Preschool addition cards for  math board games - PDF

Addition cards

  • Addition to zero with pictures
  • Addition to 1 with pictures
  • Addition to 2 with pictures
  • Addition with sums up to 10
  • Addition with sums > 10

Preschool cards on learning how to count for math board games - PDF

Counting cards

  • Counting circles up to 5
  • Counting circles up to 10
  • Number lines up to 10
  • Number positions on number lines
  • Counting in twos

Preschool cards on mixed math exercises - for math board games - PDF

Mixed exercises cards

  • Addition of money - coins
  • Classification and sorting
  • Comparison or numbers
  • Comparison of objects
  • Comparison of shapes

Preschool positions and spatial sense cards for math board games - PDF

Positions cards

  • Left / right positions
  • Left, right, middle positions
  • Top, middle bottom positions
  • Location in a 3 by 3 grid
  • Inside or outside positions

Preschool shapes and geometry cards for math board games - PDF

Shapes cards

  • Identify shapes squares,
  • Circles, pentagon, triangle
  • Compare shapes to real life objects
  • Symmetry
  • Shapes word problem

Preschool cards for learning how to count - for math board games - PDF

Spelling numbers cards

  • Say number names 1 to 10
  • Say number names 10 to 20
  • Say number names 20 to 37
  • Learn to recognize numbers
  • Learn to spell numbers

Preschool math cards on subtraction for  math board games - PDF

Subtraction cards

  • Introduction to subtraction
  • Subtract zero with pictures
  • Subtract 1 with pictures
  • Subtract numbers to get zero
  • and more on subtraction

Preschool telling the time cards for math board games - PDF

Time cards

  • Time on clocks
  • Time at exact hours
  • Time 30 mins past
  • Time on digital clocks
  • and more on time