Math topics for children - Pre-K to 7th Grade

Math topics for children in pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade and 7th Grade. Some topics covered include: addition, subtraction, ratios, multiplication, fractions, inequalities,shapes, geometry, percentages, algebra, telling time, tables, graphs, spatial sense, positions, metric system, measurement, numbers, number names, number line, division, decimals, tally marks, classification, sorting and ordering, estimation, rounding up, place value, geometry, logic, integers, mixed  operations, probability, Pythagorean theorem, size, skip-counting, vocabulary, tables and more. Each topic has the following tools to practice with: math worksheets, quizzes, math fun games, tests, math card and board games, PowerPoint (ppt) games and more.


math addition activities for children from pre-kindergarten to 7th grade

Math addition activities for children from pre-kindergarten to 7th grade. Contains addition topics: addition with pictures, addition word problems, addition up to millions, addition puzzles etc

  • Addition worksheets
  • Addition online games
  • Addition board games
  • Addition card games
  • Addition PowerPoint Games


Algebra activities for children, 3rd grade to 7th grade

Algebra for children from 3rd grade to 7th grade. Contains algebra topics: algebraic expressions, finding variables in an equation, addition, subtraction, division with algebra etc.

  • Algebra worksheets
  • Algebra online games
  • Algebra board games
  • Algebra card games
  • Algebra PowerPoint Games


Topics on classification of objects and numbers

Classification of numbers and objects. For preschoolers, kindergarten to 7th graders: classification with pictures, classification of similar pictures, sorting out the odd object, size etc

  • Classification worksheets
  • Classification fun games
  • Classification board games
  • Classification card games
  • Classification PowerPoint Games

Comparisons & Inequality

Inequalities and comparison math topics and resources

Inequalities and comparison of numbers and objects. For  kindergarten to 5th grade: Compare groups of objects, compare numbers, greater than, less than or equal to, etc

  • Comparisons  worksheets
  • Inequalities / comp. fun games
  • Comparisons board games
  • Inequalities card games
  • Comp. / inequalities PPT Games


Comparison of numbers and objects activities, Kindergarten to 4th grade

Comparison of numbers and objects. For kindergarten to 6th grade: comparison with pictures, comparison of height, size, length, numbers, greater, less or equal to

  • Comparisons  worksheets
  • Comparison fun games
  • Comparison board games
  • Comparison card games
  • Comparison PowerPoint Games

Count Tally Marks

Learning how to count by counting tally marks; Kindergarten to 2nd grade

Learn how to count tally marks in a sports event. For kindergarten to 3rd grade: count tally marks with strokes, counting up to 10, counting up to 30, learn to write strokes in a game etc

  • Count tally marks worksheets
  • Count tally marks fun games
  • Count tally marks board games
  • Count tally marks card games
  • Count tally marks Ppt. Games


Decimal activities for children from 4th grade to 7th grades

Practice decimals with resources below. For 4th grade to 7th grade: decimals illustrated with pictures, addition, subtraction, multiplication etc with decimals, rounding up decimals etc

  • Decimals worksheets
  • Decimals fun games
  • Decimals board games
  • Decimals card games
  • Decimals PowerPoint Games


Math - division activities for children from 2nd grade to 7th grade

Practice division with resources below. For 3rd grade to 7th grade: division illustrated with pictures, division of apples, long division, division of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 digit numbers.

  • Division worksheets
  • Division fun games
  • Division board games
  • Division card games
  • Division PowerPoint Games


Exponents and powers activities for children from 6th to 7th grade

Practice powers and exponents with resources below. From 6 th grade to 7th grade: learn finding the standard form of numbers to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc powers

  • Exponents worksheets
  • Powers fun games
  • Exponents board games
  • Exponents card games
  • Powers PowerPoint Games

Estimation and rounding up

Estimation and rounding up numbers, From 2nd grade to 6th grade

Practice rounding-up and estimating numbers below. From 3rd grade to 6th grade: learn estimation of numbers to tenths, hundreds, thousands, nearest whole numbers etc.

  • Round-up numbers worksheets
  • Estimation fun games
  • Round-up board games
  • Estimation card games
  • Estimation PowerPoint Games


Fraction activities - kindergarten to 7th grade

Learn fractions with resources below. From kindergarten to 7th grade. Fraction of objects, fraction of circles, addition, subtraction, division, multiplication of fractions etc

  • Fraction worksheets
  • Fraction fun games
  • Fraction board games
  • Fraction card games
  • Fraction PowerPoint Games


Geometry - math activities- preschool, kindergarten to 7th grade

Have fun learning geometry with the resources below. Pre-K to 7th grade. Learn : shapes, symmetry, angles, area of figures, Pythagorean theorem, circles, perimeter, volume etc

  • Geometry worksheets
  • Geometry fun games
  • Geometry board games
  • Geometry card games
  • Geometry PowerPoint Games


Math activities on graphs and data from kindergarten to 7th grade.

Learn how to represent data from tables / real life on graphs. Kindergarten to 7th grade : Coordinates, bar graphs, linear graphs, representation of daily activities, getting information on graphs etc

  • Graphs worksheets
  • Graphs fun games
  • Graphs board games
  • Graphs card games
  • Graphs PowerPoint Games


Math activities on integers - 2nd grade to 7th grade

Gain skills on integers with resources below. 3rd grade to 7th grade ; addition and subtraction of integers, multiplication of integers, division of integers, absolute values and more

  • Integer worksheets
  • Integer fun games
  • Integer board games
  • Integer card games
  • Integer PowerPoint Games


Math activities on logic from 1st grade to 7th grade

Learn logic and practice skills with materials below. 1st grade to 7th grade: logic applied to place values, logic applied to daily life, logic applied to telling the time, logic with numbers etc.

  • Logic worksheets
  • Logic fun games
  • Logic board games
  • Logic card games
  • Logic PowerPoint Games

Metric System

Math exercises on metric systems and measurements

Metric systems problem. Kindergarten to 7th grade : Read thermometers, tapes, scales, convert scales, cm, mm, yards, feet, inch and many more conventional units of measurement.

  • Metric system worksheets
  • Metric system fun games
  • Metric system board games
  • Measurement card games
  • Metric system Ppt. Games

Mixed Operations

Math problems on mixed operations, pre-k, kindergarten to 7th grade

Practice mixed operations in mathematics. Pre-k to 7th grade. Solve problems combining addition, subtraction, algebra, division, multiplication, inequalities and more

  • Mixed operation worksheets
  • Mixed operations fun games
  • Mixed operation board games
  • Mixed operation card games
  • Mixed operation Ppt. Games


Math activities on money - Pre-K to 7th grade

Gain skills on how to spend money. Pre-K to 7th grade : Identify coins, penny, dime, nickle, euros, dollars, pounds, find sum of money, money word problems, consumer math etc

  • Money worksheets
  • Money fun games
  • Money board games
  • Money card games
  • Money Ppt. Games


Multiplication 2nd grade to 7th grade, worksheets, tests, card games, games and more

Multiplication topics. From 2nd grade to 7th grade: multiplication illustrated with pictures, multiplication of units, tens, hundreds, thousands, multiplication of fractions, algebra etc

  • Multiplication worksheets
  • Multiplication fun games
  • Multiplication board games
  • Multiplication card games
  • Multiplication Ppt. Games

Names of numbers

Practice numbers; preschool to 7th grade, tracing, spelling, even or odd numbers, Roman numerals etc

Get familiar with numbers, practice with resources below. Pre-K to 7th grade: Counting, tracing numbers, number lines, spelling numbers, Roman numerals, counting objects, counting puzzles etc

  • Number names worksheets
  • Number lines fun games
  • Number names board games
  • Numbers card games
  • Numbers Ppt. Games


Learn to count from 1 to 100; Preschool, Kindergarten - 2nd grade. Color and practice, play games etc

Practice writing, spelling and tracing numbers. Pre-K to 2nd grade. Learn tracing numbers, coloring numbers, spelling and writing numbers, position of numbers on numbers lines and more

  • Numbers worksheets
  • Numbers fun games
  • Numbers board games
  • Numbers card games
  • Numbers Ppt. Games


Patterns with pictures and numbers. Pre-K to 7th grade. Finding the sequence in a series

Practice picture and number patterns. For preschoolers to 7th graders : patterns with pictures, finding the next pattern, similar patterns, number sequences, identifying next values etc

  • Patterns worksheets
  • Patterns fun games
  • Patterns board games
  • Patterns card games
  • Patterns Ppt. Games


Topics on percentages. Pre-K to 7th grade: percentage of numbers, converting ratios, fractions to percentage etc

Have fun while learning percentages with the activities below. 3rd grade to 7th grade: Percentage of numbers, percentage with ratios, percentage of illustrations, percentage with fractions and more

  • Percentages worksheets
  • Percentages fun games
  • Percentages board games
  • Percentages card games
  • Percentages Ppt. Games

Place value

Place value topics. 1st grade to 6th grade

Learn topics on place value with the activities below .1st grade to 6th grade : Place value illustrated, units, hundreds, thousands etc, find expanded and standard forms, find the value of underlined places etc

  • Place value worksheets
  • Place value fun games
  • Place value board games
  • Place value card games
  • Place value Ppt. Games


Spatial sense and number positions topics. Pre-K to 6th grade

Spatial sense and number positions topics. For pre-K to 6th grade children: left- right - middle positions, top - middle - bottom , location in 3 by 3 grid, location in xy - coordinates and more

  • Spatial sense worksheets
  • Spatial sense fun games
  • Spatial sense board games
  • Spatial sense card games
  • Spatial sense Ppt. Games


Math - Probability and statistics topics, Kindergarten to 7th grade

Probability and statistics math topics. Kindergarten to 7th grade: spin the wheel probability, picking at random in a box, finding the likelihood and odds of a situation happening etc

  • Probability / stats. worksheets
  • Probability / stats. fun games
  • Probability / stats. board games
  • Probability / stats. card games
  • Probability / stats. Ppt. Games

Pythagorean Theory

Pythagorean Theorem topics - 4th to 7th graders math activities

Learn how the Pythagorean Theorem works. Suitable topic from 4th grade to 7th grade : Finding the base, height and hypotenuse of triangles using the Pythagorean Theorem

  • Pythagorean theorem worksheets
  • Pythagorean theorem fun games
  • Pythagorean th. board games
  • Pythagorean theorem card games
  • Pythagorean theorem ppt. games


Math topics on ratios. 4th to 7th grade

Topics on ratio. For children from 4th to 7th grade: Ratios and proportions, fractions to ratios, convert ratios to percentages, applying ratios in consumer math, ratios in daily life etc

  • Ratio worksheets
  • Ratio fun games
  • Ratio board games
  • Ratio card games
  • Ratio ppt. games


Math topics on geometry and shapes. Preschool to 3rd grade

Topics on shapes / geometry for children from Pre-k to 3rd grade : Circles, squares, triangles, pentagon, hexagon, rectangles, cube, cylinder, planar shapes, congruent shapes, relating shapes etc

  • Shapes worksheets
  • Shapes fun games
  • Shapes board games
  • Shapes card games
  • Shapes ppt. games


Topics on size, proportions, capacity and dimensions. Preschool to 5th graders

Topics for children to learn sizes. Preschool to 5th grade: carrying capacity, bigger or smaller objects, can contain more or less, taller and shorter, longer and shorter, wide or narrow etc

  • Shapes worksheets
  • Shapes fun games
  • Shapes board games
  • Shapes card games
  • Shapes ppt. games

Skip counting

Skip counting - in twos, threes, fours, fives, tens. 2nd to 5th grade math topics

Learn counting with skip counting topics. 1st grade to 5th grade. Counting in ones, twos, threes, fours, tens, etc. Also learn to count with pictures of groups of two or fives etc

  • Skip- counting worksheets
  • Skip- counting fun games
  • Skip- count board games
  • Skip- counting card games
  • Skip- counting ppt. games

Spatial sense

Math topic on positions and locations - kindergarten to 7th grade

Locations and number positions topics. For pre-K to 6th grade children: left- right - middle positions, top - middle - bottom , location in 3 by 3 grid, location in xy - coordinates and more

  • Spatial sense worksheets
  • Positions fun games
  • Spatial sense board games
  • Positions card games
  • Spatial sense Ppt. Games


Math subtraction topics - 1st grade to 7th grade

Subtraction topics. 1st grade to 7th grade. Learn subtraction of object, numbers, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 etc place numbers, subtraction word problems, algebra with subtraction, subtraction quick facts etc

  • Subtraction worksheets
  • Subtraction fun games
  • Subtraction board games
  • Subtraction card games
  • Subtraction Ppt. Games



Data on tables topics. From 2nd grade to 7th grade: Data collection on field trips, shopping, tables of weekly events, tables of games scores, tables for graphical representation etc.

  • Tables / data worksheets
  • Tables fun games
  • Tables board games
  • Tables card games
  • Tables Ppt. Games


Math topics on Time. Preschool to 7th grade

Math topics on telling the time. For Pre-K to 7th grade: Telling time on analogue clocks, read time on electronic clocks, time passages, time events, reading calenders, time facts etc

  • Time worksheets
  • Time fun games
  • Time board games
  • Time card games
  • Time Ppt. Games



Math vocabulary topics. For Pre-k to 3rd grade children: mathematical signs, get familiar with math vocabulary for signs and expressions, plus, minus, product, division etc

  • Math vocabulary worksheets
  • Vocabulary fun games
  • Vocabulary board games
  • Vocabulary card games
  • Vocabulary Ppt. Games